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What happens in a coaching session? The 5 A's

Agenda- Have you ever been at a meeting without an agenda? If you have you probably realize that not much is accomplished, and a lot of people leave frustrated. So, the first goal in a coaching session is to help you to set the agenda based on what is important to you.

You may be working on a project and trying to figure out next steps or you might want to identify what is keeping you from moving forward. Whatever it is you decide. Without a clear agenda the session can turn into a meandering conversation that won't be satisfying either to you as a client or to me as a coach.

It's important to take the time to figure out what your agenda is, and I can help you to do that as your coach by asking the right questions to help you to get clear about what matters.

Awareness- Creating awareness is a way of getting clarity about how to move forward with an idea. There are several different ways that I can help you to access new ways of looking at or thinking about something.

We can take a bird's eye view of a situation to get a broader perspective. We can pay attention to words or images that come up when you describe a situation and then use them to delve more deeply into what you associate with them.

We can note when your inner critic is showing up and I'll help you to deal with that. You know that nasty voice you hear that tells you you'll never get this right?

And I can ask you some out of the ordinary questions to get you talking about things that don't normally come to mind.

As a result, you'll start seeing some steps that will lead you closer to your goal.

Action- Nothing changes unless we act on it. The best ideas will remain ideas without putting them into action.

This doesn't have to be overwhelming. As you may have heard 'the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step'. That's all you have to do to get moving. Take the first step.

When you come up with an idea I'll ask you to write it down but it's up to you in the end to decide what your next step will be.

Over the course of a session, you'll notice that what starts out as a general idea evolves into clear and specific things to do- actions- that you can schedule in your calendar.

Acknowledgement- At the beginning of the coaching process I'll invite you to use some resources to identify your strengths and best qualities. (See below for references) This can provide us with some valuable information to put to good use to achieve your goals. For example, some of my top strengths are gratitude, perseverance and curiosity.

When I see your strengths appearing during our coaching sessions I'll be able to point them out to you. This is important because It's often hard for us to notice what we're doing well as opposed to what's not working.

I can remind you that you have these built in qualities at your service and show you how they're helping you.

Accountability- One of the greatest benefits of coaching is that you have someone to be accountable to. We all seem to do better at following through with a plan if someone else is expecting us to do it.

Think about how much more likely you are to go to the gym if your buddy is waiting for you there as opposed to when you're going alone.

As your coach I'll be eager to hear about the actions you're taking and how they're working. And it feels good to be able to tell somebody about your hard work and get some acknowledgement.

So, at the end of your session I'll be asking you what you plan to do, when you will do it and how I will know you've done it.

So that's what happens in a coaching session. If you're interested in trying it out call or text me at 705-792-8306 or email me at jill@counsellingbarrie.net for a free half hour consultation. It's that easy to take the next step.

To learn more about your strengths try taking the VIA Signature Strengths Survey. It's available free at http://www.viacharacter.org/www/Character-Strengths-Survey or go to https://www.gallupstrengthscenter.com to do their survey for a fee.

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